Di ba if someone close to you tell you that their love one are cheating on them, you’ll get mad too? Well, it happened on me, xmpre I won’t tell naman something like “hey, that’s fine, hayaan mo lang yang mister ka na lokohin ka” or something like “no reaction ako jan mare,” xmpre you need to show them your sympathy din diba. Well, what happened is that the logs were read by their loving husbands and they think of me as sulsulera, haller?!! okay lang sila? the fact that i dont want their wives to get out of their house for the sake of the kids? ano kayang tawag dun. Im so imbyerna talga to the max na halos umabot na na ayoko na sila makita because I think they are going to ruin my day.

Well, kudos to all of them kc pinalabas nanaman nila ang kamalditahan ko..

and, thanks to God, hindi kme magkakapitbahay, dahil baka pati asawa ko nasa cabaret na din.