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Getting ready for the year 2010

Oh Well, another year has passed and 2010 is coming on my way.  There are some things I want to modify within myself.

First, of course, healthier life, say goodbye to cigar (cross fingers), say goodbye to red meat, lessen white meat intake, and embrace veggies, yebah.  Well, I am not that into “meat” ever since so quitting those foods are not that hard for me.

Second, for me to settle all my credit card accounts.  I want to say goodbye to HSBC too but I’ll keep her for my emergency needs (literally =D).

Third, to be more natural.  I started searching for some natural beauty tips.  Instead of me putting up some eskinol on my face, why not try some natural ones as this are a lot better.

No need to go to mall and purchase one.  Just those stuffs we can find inside our home Sweet Home. 🙂

I got some already.  You may try them as well.  =)

kalamansi= Pimples / Skin Whitening
cucumber= eyebags
oatmeal= blackheads removal
milk=skin smoothening
salt=teeth whitener
papaya (dahon/bunga)=smoothens skin


Avocado Honey Mask

1 large Avocado
1 Tablespoon Honey

Peel and slice avocado. Puree and mix with honey. Pat it
gently to the face and continue patting until the mask
feels extremely tacky to the touch. Relax and leave the
mask on 5-10 minutes.

Rinse with warm water.


Will update this from time to time. 🙂


Time to get it right

I really do not know where to start, but I’m really feeling angry today. Angry to those peope who don’t appreciate all my hardworks, my efforts, my sweetness.

I guess some person are a bit numb or I must say, totally numb. They don’t care at all.

I’m getting numb too, bet, he doesn’t care at all and what’s worst, he might be happy of me being numb.

Too much for being sweet and caring. I am praying that someday, i know I will get my fair share.

That’s all for now. Just want to share this feeling I have right now, thanks o wordpress, I got my outlet.