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1, 2, 3 and 4 Achievements Earned

Wooot!  I’m so glad, I was able to avoid four things I jot down last New Year. #1:  Avoid Meat, this would include fish, chicken, seafood and egg.  I switched to lacto vegetarian already, whew, a bit challenging since I would love to eat chicken, but I am against cruelty, really, that’s why I decided to shift as an LV.  As of now, I’m getting used to eating veggies, noodles and chocolates hahahaha! dont worry, eating sweets are next in line. 😀

#2: I was able to commit myself praying the holy rosary everyday, I think this would have help me cope with everyday life.  It seems that Im safer when I communicated with God.  I was able to think that a 15 minute of my time would greatly affect me and my mood. So glad, I am, again, having time, communicating with God, wh0leheartedly.

#3 No more Soda. Yehey! my husband used to buy pop cola every day, atleast 3 bottles a day, but thank God, I was able to control my crave for softdrinks! Instead, pour water in a glass, ice and ice tea! solve!

#4: I was able to stop smoking, yeeehaW!!! this is the best achievement for me.  I get tempted, sometimes, but I think #2 achievement helped me to avoid this kind of habit, aww.

Actually, there are more than 6 I jotted down on my organizer last January 1, but only three of them I was able to achieved.  Not bad for me, as most of people kept on listing their resolutions but none was done.

As of the moment, I need to add three more on which I think I should work with: GYM & DIET, ODESK, CHURCH.  I really would love to attend church too but due to my sidelines, I was not able to regularly attend the Sunday Mass.  I need to manage my time efficiently, really.

That’s all for now.  Will post again some updates of me when I’m in the mood to do as such. hahaha!

Bye wordpress! xoxo


Embracing 2010

Wow, this will be first blog i was able to write for the year 2010. Well, what do i have for this Year of the Tiger? mmmm, no more red meats, i officially quit eating those. No more soda, need to be more active in the gym, pray the rosary and quit smoking. i know these things might be a bit tougher than i think, but need to prove people that i can change too.

its january three already and im so glad that i was not yet breaking all of them. i am hoping that giving up those and adding some ” things to do” will make me a better person and will spice up my 2010.

that’s all for now, maybe i can update you from time to time with my progress, wordpress. tc. :*