The whole thing seems to be a fantasy, I mean from the commencement of the daylight hours when I get up until the point in time I go back to cradle, time seems to move so swift as if it were programmed in a manner that I shouldn’t have a sufficient amount for all the stuff I would like to do.  There are times were I thought that 24 hours would not suffice all the things I need to do, of course this would include me being a wife,  a volunteer, a pet lover, a mom to two of my cousins, a freelance worker and a Team Leader.. whew 😀

Time seems to be speeding in this day and age – The history, the current and the future which are so deftly linked with each other. It’s like captivating the first step, and then the second, and lastly, the third and recognized that you couldn’t have taken the last step without starting with the first.

Will Nesbitt: Today is the fruit of yesterday’s thoughts which you sowed the day before. And just as today, you’ll reap tomorrow what you planted today for sure”

Started a group of 5 last year and now, I am handling a group of 24 people, wont you believe it?  😀