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Woke up @ 05:00 am

Yehey! I am damn so euphoric, I was able to wake up early today to do all the things I need to do.  I am done preparing breakfast for my Husband as well as the food for the kids.

I prognosticate myself to control all the vices i have in my life right now because I know this would not bring any good on me.

I will hit the gym @ 8:30 am until 11:30 am,  need to sweat out those unwanted calories starting today, I am getting big and I dont like this.  We are planning to have a baby this year but because of me being polycystic, i still need to undergo medication and i don’t like it.  😦

Wish me luck wordpress.  I can do it! Work like a horse! lol



Uh-oh, slowly getting back to the old me

I know this is not good anymore, I am slowly getting back to the old me..  Smoking, Drinking, Eating Meat, No Gym and drinking lots and lots and lots of softdrinks, I know this wont bring any good on my health, why is it so hard to control one’s self from doing things which arent good. 😦

It’s May 04 2010 already, first Quarter has ended but no accomplishments for me, my gawd, this is not normal!!! This is very alarming…

Need to cut all this habit and start with a healthy one again, just dont know where to start… lol!