I just can’t believe it, its well-nigh half of 2010 but I was not yet getting on half of the goals I have plotted last December 2009, and I’m really tump over.  Yes, I know, I was able to get the routine for months, but hark back to the old me and I dont really know why I did as such.

Today is June 2, and I should start getting back to where I started last January 1.  Time to be rock-loving.  It’s time to alter my life, my habits, my objectives and some of my decisions.

As of the moment, me and my husband is viewing “Reporters Notebook” and I am so frightened about the effects of puffing cigars, some of cigar-addicts have cancers, they could not even talk and could not even eat, that is very shuddery.

So now, as soon as I wake up the next day, I will fix all the things I need to furbish up here in our house then hit the gym, slow down on junk foods and meat as well as fast foods and lastly quit smoking..

For me to complete this, I need to reward myself every week, maybe treat myself to a spa, or buy something I really want to have (except unhealthy ones).

I can do this!