So, where do you want me to  start?  Few days to go then its gonna be November, then it’s gonna be Christmas, then its gonna be new year,  and NOTHING HAVE CHANGED, i am very dissapointed as it seems that I dont have control over myself, my vices and things that should be and shouldn’t be.

Anyway, as I have mentioned with my previous post, it’s never too late, I wish someday I will realize that I should change my vision in life, I’m a very happy-go-lucky person, and at my age, I think it’s not applicable anymore.

I should further focus on my future, learn from my mistakes and never do it again.

What I just want to have right now is an organized life, but sometimes I really can’t  and that I’m deeply saddened.

Too much of Negatives, guess what I have next year?  4 out of towns and I hope this one will motivate me to make it right!