Okay, here I go again, posting for a non sense angst. Always trying to be better than before but cannot stop all the vices i currently have right now.

I’m the typical “bukas-na-lang” type of person, and it’s killing me. When will I change, I’m turning 28, married with no child and without further goals in life.

I guess to be a better person, we should go the extra mile, I should be doing something worth-doing, gets? I should really let go of the effin’ FB I checked every second, sleeping when there’s nothing to do, or eating a not-so-healthy foods, smoking and drinking, playing, all of the literally are not PRODUCTIVE.

I also read that to become a better person as well, I should say what i mean and mean what i say, stop beating around the bush, it’s making some people sick.

And lastly, let’s stop being judgmental person, we should learn to respect, should be a good listener, listen to our instincts, stop lying (err? how about white lies? lol), try to lend a helping hand as much as you can and stand up for your integrity and dignity.

these are just the things i’ve seen to become a better person, actually i also wanted to be the best. I should learn to change my mentality. But the question is when? I know it’s not yet over so why not start now!