Okay, so what else can I say, I am a typical “GG” Girl, well for those who don’t understand, it’s a gay-lingo.  I have been enrolled in the Gym for quite sometime but never attempt to go even weekends, what’s wrong with me. 😦  Well, I think it’s because I have done something wrong before and that’s what keeps me bothered all the time.  But I know its never too late to change, if there’s a will there’s a way.

Anyways, I also want to congrats myself as I was able to enroll for my undergrad course.  Though I only get 2 Subjects for this sem, I just need to check if I would be able to handle as much as those.

I have upcoming out of the country trips with friends and my hubby, need to work hard on odesk and at work.

I know its never too late, never.