It’s been months since I visited my blog site.  I have been busy with.. NOTHING! Lol.  Actually, not pleased with what I am currently in to but nonetheless I’m still happy that there are plans I was able to do so and was able to accomplished.

Let’s start from enrolling again to college, I know this would be hard-hitting, but I still manage to at least check our online site for assignments and exams, thank God, the 2 Subjects I got don’t have FINAL exams, they just required their students to finish the Final Project.  Honestly, I got one due today, and I’m still not done on it.  LOL.  I hope next sem will be as easy as this.

Next is BOXING! Yay, it’s my one month today and I’m not sure if I did lose weight hahaha!!  But rest assured that I’m still cautious with my food intake especially carbs and sweets.  One good thing boxing brought me that my monthly visitor never failed to skipped. 😀  I did enjoy my trainor’s company, they are all so humorous but at the same time great people.

Actually, I’m very much amazed on how I handle all these stuffs, from waking up at 1:00 am to talk and coordinate with my odesk’s clients, preparing my hubby and kid’s meal, heading to work, studying, boxing, coaching of associates, mingling with friends etc.

What I want to manage now is my quality time with Clarence and Fifi.  I’m not taking them for granted but how I wish I could bond with them longer, just like the old times.

I know I’m a bit ghastly these past few months too, but I’m trying all my best not to.

That’s all for now and I’ll see you again when I see you.